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Lewis Mumford Award History

Lewis Mumford AwardsLewis_Mumford.jpg

In 1992, ADPSR instituted an annual Lewis Mumford awards program to honor people and organizations that exemplify ADPSR's goals of peace, preservation of the natural and built environment, and socially responsible development. Lewis Mumford's writings continue to inspire and remind us that architecture, design, and planning, must respond to human needs, harmonize with its surroundings, and reflect the aspirations and social context of our civilization.

2014 Awardees

2013 Awardees

2012 Awardees

2010 Awardees

2009 Awardees

All Awardees:

Lewis Mumford Award for Peace:

Ethan Zuckerman & the MIT Center for Civic Media
The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
The Nobelity Project
Critical Resistance
Growing Home Inc.
League of Young Voters
People's Institute for Survival and Beyond
September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Architecture for Humanity
Code Pink for Peace
MoveOn.org PAC
Honorable Barbara Lee
Professor David Protess
Catherine Sneed, The Garden Project, the Jail Garden Project
Center for Defense Information
Dr. Helen Caldicott
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield
President and Mrs. James Carter
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
Committee for New Jobs with Justice
Louise Franklin-Ramerez
William J. Stewart III 

Lewis Mumford Award for Development:

Ken Smith & Youth Build Boston, as a representative of Youth Build National
The Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.
Project Row House
The Chez Panisse Foundation and The Edible Schoolyard
Fuller Park Community Development Corporation
Mel King
Neighborhood Partnership Network
Common Ground Collective
United Indian Health Service
CityRepair & Dignity Village
Rebuilding Homes
Project for Public Spaces
Luz Maria Sanchez & ESTRATEGIA
Michael Pyatok, FAIA architect of affordable housing
Habitat for Humanity
Bertha Gilkey
Reverend Cecil Murray
Professor Victor Papanek
The Honorable Jaime Lerner
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Ron Schiffman, PICCED
Joseph Passonneau, FASCE 

Lewis Mumford Award for Environment:

Slow Money, Maine, as representative of Slow Money, National
The Center for Urban Pedagogy
The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Architecture 2030
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
Nuestras Raices
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
Global Green USA
Rainforest Action Network
Building Green Inc.
Center for Environmental Health
Margie Ruddick
Ken Dunn & The Resource Center
Julia Butterfly Hill/ the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
David Brower
Vice President Albert Gore
Susan Maxman, FAIA
The Honorable Bella Abzug
Mr. Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
National Resources Defense Council
Andrew Euston, FAIA
Michael Totten