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2014 Honorees

ADPSR 2014 Lewis Mumford Award Winners

Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) is pleased to honor its 21st annual Lewis Mumford Awardees for outstanding contributions in areas that embrace ADPSR’s mission of world peace, protection of the environment, and socially responsible development:

Peace: Ethan Zuckerman & the MIT Center for Civic Media, for their innovative work through creating global communications

Environment: Slow Money, Maine, as representative of Slow Money, National, for changing how money and investing work in a sustainable world

Development: Ken Smith & Youth Build Boston, as a representative of Youth Build National, for rebuilding community and self-respect

Ethan Zuckerman & the MIT Center for Civic Media (CfCM): The ADPSR board honored Zuckerman’s innovative efforts to design and facilitate new information technologies that empower civic media and political action. The board felt MIT CfCM investigations into “providing people with the necessary skills to process, evaluate, and act upon the knowledge in circulation”...to “ensure the diversity of inputs and mutual respect necessary for democratic deliberation”, fit very well with the mission and values of the ADPSR. 

In the rapidly changing field of global media it is our hope that by recognizing his work and the work of the MIT Center for Civic Media more attention will be given to the potential to improve world communication and information flow, and peaceful coexistence.

Slow Money Maine with Bonnie Rukin: ADPSR recognized Rukin and Slow Money Maine's impressive success in facilitating investment in saving farms, fisheries and ecosystems that sustain local food systems and communities. Slow Money Maine is bringing awareness of the environmental, social, economic, and political issues that impact our food system. 

The Slow Money Alliance is “bringing people together around a new conversation about money that is too fast, and too focused on short term profit, about finance that is disconnected from people and place, about how we can begin fixing our economy from the ground up... starting with food.” They are saving farmland, supporting a new generation of small and mid-size organic farmers, rebuilding local and regional food processing and distribution, improving nutrition and otherwise remedying the imbalances of a food system that is too consolidated, too global, and too industrial.

Ken Smith & Youth Build Boston: The ADPSR Board recognizes Youth Build Boston for their work rebuilding community and self-respect. Youth Build, a national organization represented by the Boston group, helps young people to get work skills giving them an opportunity to be independent financially and valuable members of thecommunity. By improving their local built environment including affordable housing the Youth Build organization brings awareness of the social, environmental and political issues that impact our society.

The high unemployment rate among young people, particularly those of disadvantaged backgrounds makes the work of this organization an essential force in improving their positive participation and fair share in our economy.