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Volunteers needed for community design charrette to end mass incarceration

Volunteers needed for community design charrette to end mass incarceration
Deanna VanBuren - Mon Apr 23, 2012 @ 11:43AM
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On June 2, members of ADPSR will be making the 3 hour journey to Chowchilla California to support this community in a design charrette to explore options to close Valley State Prison for Women and replace it with a facility that makes a positive contribution to their town.

This is a endeavor supported by both the local community and government.

Who should Volunteer:

If you are you a design professional  with a conscience, a planner who believes in social justice or a design student who wants to make a contribution you can do so by joining us for this opportunity to  reverse California's broken prison system.

What will you be doing:

Design volunteers will help facilitate  working groups that will consider what the community may actually need and want, then illustrate, and investigate how these alternatives might fit on the site.

It is an oppotunity for volunteers to learn about a community's concerns and explore some of the challenges (and potential opportunities) of working with secretive and inhumane prison buildings. It is also an opportunity for design professionals and students of architecture and planning to begin to redress the injustices of mass incarceration, which ADPSR has strongly opposed for almost a decade.

Where will we be going:

The event will be Saturday June 2, starting at 10 AM and run until 4
PM, and will include lunch. Chowchilla is a small town located south
of Modesto in California's central valley, about a 3 hour drive from
the Bay Area.

How to get involved:

Any interested volunteers should contact prisons@adpsr.org. We will get back to you shortly with additional information and to organize transportation via carpool.



Comments: 6


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